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Internet and email help overview

Get help with many common Internet problems. Remember that PC HealthCheck software can help solve many Internet problems automatically.

Still having PC problems? Now you can enjoy enhanced 24/7 technical support from TELUS. Our Premium Care experts are standing by to remotely remove pesky spyware and viruses from your computer, increase its performance, assist with your home network, and many other services.

High Speed


Install a modem or wireless gateway and set up home networking, email and security services.


Unable to connect? Intermittent connection? Find out what to do.


Usage limits, adding new computers to your network, installing network cards and more.

Wireless home network


How to set up wireless home network


Unable to connect with wireless home network.


Install wireless gateway and more.



How to set up dial-up Internet.


How to solve connection problems, etc.

Fast dial-up FAQ

Answers to questions on email speed, launching, fuzzy images, browser and game compatibility.

Email & Spam

Email Clients

Get the settings and information you need to configure your email client.


TELUS Webmail allows you to securely access and manage your messages and contacts anytime, anywhere.


Answers to the most commonly asked questions plus troubleshooting tips.

Personal webspace

TELUS File Manager

How to upload files using TELUS File Manager

Third-party FTP client

How to upload files using a 3rd party FTP client


How to solve password errors; what to do when personal pages won't display.


Changing folder names, your site's URL, CGI and SSI and more.



Download and activate TELUS Security


What to do about problems activating, viewing Web pages, removing infected files and more.


Activation, user name and password issues, security and home networking.

PC HealthCheck

Fix problems or change settings on your PC:

  • Email
  • Home networking
  • System maintenance
  • Security

Run PC HealthCheck