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Personal webspace - upload files with a third-party FTP client

The following instructions explain how to upload your Web page to the TELUS Internet Services Web server using a generic FTP client. For exact names of buttons, please refer to the Help section of your client.

Step 1: Log into your Web space on the TELUS server

  1. Open your ftp client.
  2. Enter www3.telus.net in the Host Name field.
  3. Host Type should be set to Automatic Detect.
  4. In the User ID and Password fields type your TELUS Internet Username and Password (in lower case letters with no spaces).
  5. Click Ok.
  6. Once logged in you should see a screen with file listings.
  7. If you do not have a directory called public_html, you will have to create one. (Click the MkDir (or similar)Button and enter public_html as the folder name. Click Ok.)
  8. Double-click the public_html folder to open it.
  9. If you have never uploaded files to the TELUS Web server before this folder will be empty.

Step 2: Copy your Web page files to the server

  1. From the local side of the screen go to the location on your hard drive where your Web page files are stored.
  2. Highlight your files on the left and click on the 'Upload (Put)' button to copy them to the Remote System.

    NOTE: You must only copy files into the public_html directory.

    Any files copied to the same level (not inside the folder) will not be accessible via the Internet. As well, all filenames must be in lower case letters with no spaces, otherwise the Web server won't recognize them.

  3. After uploading your files both the right and left sides of the screen should be the same.

Step 3: View your Web page

Your Web page will now be published to your TELUS Internet Services Webspace. You can view your Web page at http://www3.telus.net/public/yourusername.